Just 8 minutes walk from Koenji Station,
you can find the GrapeHouse Koenji.
The bunches of grapes hanging from the grapevine trellis
will welcome you with its sweet fragrance.

Just 8 minutes walk from Koenji Station,
you can find the GrapeHouseKoenji.
The bunches of grapevine hanging from the grapevine trellis
which will please you hoving bunches of
amuse us in summer and ealy autumn.
GrapeHouse Koenji is a hostel designed especially for women.
We want to provide a safe and fun place for ladies who are travelling to Tokyo.
GrapeHouse is a place where you can stay with friends in a homey atmosphere.

3-1-5 Yamato-cho Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0034
TEL 03-3336-3320 +81 3-3336-3320(overseas)


About Koenji

Koenji has been called "Tokyo's coolest neighbourhood."
It hosts unique festivals throughout the year with a distinctively Japanese colour and vibe

★"Shotengai" or old-school shopping street : 14 in Koenji
★Annual events :Tokyo's premier Awa Odori (dance) festival,Asagaya Star Festival, Comic Chat Festival,
Jazz Street Festival,
★Underground music scene, hip eateries and bars...


Comic chat festival

You can enjoy storyteller's performance all over Koenji even in shrines, temples, and public baths!

Comic chat festival

Street Performance

Performers from all over Japan and abroad amuse us with their stunning performances for two days evary April.

Street Performance

Awa dance

The Koenji "Awa Dance" is one of the biggest festivals in Tokyo,
featuring 10,000 performers and a million spectators.

Awa dance

Koenji Festival

Koenji celebrates its Autumn Festival in October, featuring live performances,
"Stamp passport" stations, and a variety of handicraft and artistic workshops.

Koenji festival

Explore Tokyo Area

To Shibuya
19 minutes by Sobu line and Yamanote line
To Akihabara
28 minutes by Sobu line
To Roppongi
27 minutes by Sobu and Subway Oedo line
To Hakone
about 2 hours by "Romance Car" from Shinjyuku
To Mt. Takao
about 1 hours by Chuo and Keio line
To Mt. Fuji
about 2 hours by express bus from Shinjyuku Station to
Mt. Fuji Station.